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New Printable Coupons

February 28, 2011

I was browsing the printable coupons and found some new ones on various sites.  Here’s a list:

Zip code 06111

75 cents off Glad trash bags

25 cents off Clorox bleach

$1/2 Clorox disinfecting products

$1/2 Clorox 2 products

50 cents off Formula 409

$1/2 Glad Food Storage bags and food containers

$1 off Barber Chicken Breasts

$1 off Weight Watchers Frozen Novelty

50 cents off KC Masterpiece Marinade or BBQ sauce

$1 off Irish Springs deodrant

$1 off Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals salad dressings

$1 off Kashi TLC Soft Baked Cereal Bar

$1 off NYC nail polish

$1 8th Continent half gallon milk

$2 off Wardley Advanced Nutrition (Fish food)

$7 off Floraster Probiotic

$10 Breeze Brand Litter System

$1.50 Breeze Brand refill

50 cents off Smart Balance eggs

There were also a few Family Dollar brand coupons available.

Zip 90210

$1.50 off Kingsford Charcoal with purchase of meat item

$1 off Cortaid

Zip 29212

$5 off Miralax

$1 off Purex Complete Softener

$10 off Focusfactor

BOGO Nestle Pure Life Water 5 gallon

$3 off 2 Pedicare products

50 cents off Texas Toast Croutons (this appears to have reset)

$1.10 off two Lean Cuisines

$2.50 off Avent BPA-free toddler twin pack cups ( I believe there’s a Target coupon for this too!)


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