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Adopt A US Soldier/Charity Giving

December 18, 2010

I have never been able to afford to send packages to soldiers or donate very much to charities. However, since I have started couponing and getting tons of free stuff I decided I should share this stuff with others.

Here are some ideas for you!

I recently was able to make a profit off some toys and puzzles at Rite Aid. I purchased those to donate to Toys for Tots.

Jesse and I adopted a soldier recently through the website    We immediately sent a package filled with body wash, popcorn, lotion, shampoo, playing cards, Tums, wipes and several other things that people need everyday. (EVERYTHING in this package I had gotten for FREE, so why not donate it!)  Some of these soldiers don’t have many family or friends back home who can afford to send something. After hearing back from our soldier, he simply requested some peanut butter cookies and rice crispy treats. So I used the cookies mixes I had gotten for free and bought some pre-packaged rice cripsy treats for about 75% off (lucky me- they went on sale two days after he requested them!). He has been so appreciative. And I have spent maybe an hour baking and sending packages. Each package has cost about $11 to ship. But isn’t it worth it? 

Another idea for food that you get for free: Donate it to a food bank. I get TONS of FREE pasta, canned goods, etc. There is no way we can eat all that food. Why not donate it to someone who can use it?

What to do with free pet supplies?   If you have coupons and get free pet supplies but don’t have a pet….donate the items to the local humane society. They are always in need of food, treats, toys, etc.

Got too many tubes of toothpaste or personal care items? If you don’t want to do the adopt a soldier program, why not donate it to a local homeless shelter or an abused women’s shelter? 

This isn’t just something to do around the holiday season, but all through the year!  Good luck!


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