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December 5, 2010

Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to be getting this really awesome, high value coupon on but you just can’t seem to find it no matter how many times you scroll through all those pages? 

I may have an answer for you! bases what coupons you can get on where you live. (If you have never noticed it, there is a box to put your zipcode in on the upper left side of the page.)

I have put together a list of zipcodes that will help you. (Because even if you don’t live in Beverly Hills you can still print that coupon that is making you crazy!)

Below you will find a zipcode and next to it a number which indicates how many coupons are found (at this date of December 4, 2010) by using this zipcode. Keep in mind, alot of them are the same coupons. I typically start out by using the zip codes that have the most coupons show up and work my way down.

10292- 230 coupons

No zip code- 213 coupons

90210-  227 coupons

37380- 206 coupons

37015- 213 coupons

12345- 220 coupons

70649-  192 coupons

45678- 204 coupons

51248- 199 coupons

32202- 232 coupons

97201- 223 coupons

66101- 209 coupons (I imeediately see a couple of different coupons with this one)

20001-  225 coupons

38603- 205 coupons

80903-  221 coupons


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