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68% Savings for November

November 29, 2010

I just finished figuring out my exact spending and savings for the month of November. I wanted to break it down store by store so you can see which stores I saved the most at.

Rite Aid

Total Purchases: $160.34

Saved: $144.92

Spent: $15.42

Total savings of 90%


Total purchases: $165.78

Savings: $86.48

Paid: $43.07

52% Savings!


Total Purchases: $76.28

Total Savings: $68.61

Total spent: $7.67

90% savings!

Harris Teeter

Total purchases: $131.91

Total Saved: $97.70

Total Spent: $34.21

74% savings


Total purchases: $44.62

Total Saved: $16.72

Total spent: $27.90

36% savings


Total purchases: $69.53

Total saved: $22.85

Total spent: $46.68

33% savings

You can look at the different stores and tell where I did my best shopping at. Now typically Publix would probably have been my best grocery store but this month it was alot of holiday items on sale and I didn’t need those since I traveled to my parents house for the holiday.

Total spent was $211.18 compared to a normal of $500 to $600 (on a cheap month when I actually dared to look at sales). And the awesome thing is that there is nothing that is needed in this house! Freezer still has a good bit of food in it…along with the pantry and the extra closests that store cleaning stuff and personal care items.


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