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$22.96 Profit w P&G Rebate

November 24, 2010

P&G has a new $20 rebate when you purchase $50  worth of ANY Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secrent, Pantene, Herbal Essence, and/or Clairol products. Get the rebate form here

With the transactions below you will have purchased $47.39 towards that $50 minmum for the rebate. So you will basically need to spend another $2.61….which can probably easily be done with the sales and coupons this next week! (Hoping that one of the drugstores has these products on sale and with coupon it will make it free next week!) Check the very bottom for how much profit you will make with the $20 rebate!
Walgreens and CVS have some of these things on sale this week so I have put together some transactions to help this become a MONEY MAKER for you!


Transaction #1

(1) Secret Scent Expressions Body Splash- $3.49

(1) Olay Bodywash- $3.49

Use: (1) Olay $2 off coupon  from P&G Home Mailer (Have you tried it yet?)

Total due $4.98

Get back $3.50 RR and $2.50 RR

Transaction #2

Venus Embrace- $7.99

(2) filler items ( equaling 52 cents or more)

(1) Herbal Essence Hair Care- $2.49

Use (1) $3 Venus Embrace coupon from P&G Home mailer (Have you tried it yet?)

(1) $2.00 off Clairol family from 10/31 P&G

(1) $3.50 RR

(1) $2.50 RR

Total due: around 10 cents depending on your filling items

Get back (1) $5 RR and (1) $1.50 RR

Transaction #3

(1) Secret Scent Expressions Body Splash- $3.49

(1) Olay Bodywash- $3.49

Use $1 Olay coupon from 10/31 P&G

$5 RR

Total due: 98 cents

Get back $3.50 and $2.50 RR

Transaction #4

(1) Venus- $7.99

(2) fillers (10 cent Taffy)

Use $1.50 RR (from transaction #2)

Use $3.49 RR

Use $2.50 RR

Total Due: 69 cents

Get back $5 RR

Transaction #5

(1) Secret Scent Expressions Body Splash- $3.49

(1) Olay Body Wash- $3.49

Use $1 Olay coupon from 10/31 PG

Use $5 RR

Total due: 98 cents

Get back $6 RR

(Your total OOP is $7.73 and you end up with $6 RR left. So total cost for all of the above is only $1.73 +tax) I will use my $6 in RR to purchase Pepsi 2 liters that are on sale for 88 cents each because I rarely shop Walgreens and don’t want to lose the RR)

I also want to mention that you can use some other coupons instead of the ones I am using. Here are  few others that could be used if you have them (I had previously used these).

$5 off Olay bar, body wash WYB Secret product, PG 10/31

$1 off Olay Body Wash, Because of You Home Mailer

$1 off Olay body wash, Fall Rouge or Summer Rouge Magazine


(These are my transactions for tomorrow; however you may want to do different ones. Just make sure to pick up the 2 bottles of Herbal Essence to count towards the $20 rebate)

Transaction #1

Gillette deodrant- $4

Use $2 coupon found in 10/31 P&G

Total $2

Get back $4 ECB

Transaction #2

Renpure Hair Care (Shampoo, Conditioner)- $4.99

Reese’s Singles- 79 cents

Use $4 ECB

Total due: $1.78

Get back $5.78 ECB

Transaction #3

(2) Herbal Essence- $3.99 each

(1) Carmex Lip Balm- 99 cents

(2) Reese’s Singles- 79 cents each

Use (2) $2 Clairol family coupons from 10/31 P&G

Use 30 cent coupon from SS 11/7

Use $5.78 ECBs from previous

Total due: 47 cents

Get back $10.55 ECBs

Transaction #4

(1) Euricin Lotion- $6.99

(1) Renpure Hair Care- $4.99

Use $1 Euricin Lotion coupon from RP 11/7

Use $10.55 ECBs from previous transaction

Total due 43 cents

Get back $11.98

Total OOP is $4.68 (+tax). And you have $11.98 ECBs to either save until next week or spend while in store. IF you don’t shop at CVS often I would go ahead and buy things you need such as diapers, toilet paper, etc…this way you don’t lose them. Total profit is $7.30 and that is starting with NO ECBs.

So for the rebate, even if you have to pay full price for a $2.61 item, your profit will be $22.96. ($20 rebate plus the profit at CVS minus the cost at Walgreens). And look how much stuff you will be stocking up on!!!


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