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Two Reward Programs ….

October 31, 2010

Some of you might already be a part of these reward programs, but just want to pass them along.

Swagbucks is a toolbar you can download to do internet searches. By searchig through Swagbucks, you ear points. Points can be redeemed for all kinds of items and GIFTCARDS to Amazon or Target (and other places). For 450 points you can get a $5 giftcard to Amazon. It’s a simple download. Also, on Fridays you can usually find a “hidden” swagbucks code to earn more points. There are also surveys and polls you can participate in if you have the time. Now it might take a few months but you can easily earn enough points to redeem for a giftcard or other item. If you are searching the internet anyway, why not?  I just joined about an hour ago and already have 40 points. I know some people who bought all of their Christmas gifts last year by earning giftcards through Swagbucks. So give it a try….registration is simple and it takes about 5 minutes to set it up.

The next reward program is Pampers Gifts to Grow. You don’t have to buy diapers to participate in this (although you do get codes inside the Pampers products). There are tons of free codes listed online all the time. I joined yesterday and already have 500 points. For about 1500 you can earn a toy or book. If you save the points, there are some awesome things like strollers, etc for around 5000 points. My goal is to earn the stroller by the time I have a baby 🙂   Check it out at

You can also find free points for Pampers on most of the couponing sites ( or normally posts these).

Even if you don’t have a baby, why not take a few seconds and join to earn a cool toy for a family member of friend’s baby!

If you have questions, let me know. Also, I will be trying to post the free codes as they become available.


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