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$323.58 of stuff for….$69.68!

October 27, 2010


10/27/2010 shopping trip

My Shopping Trip: 10/27/201

Honestly there are maybe 10 things on this list that we NEEDED. But the sales were awesome, so I did some hardcore shopping this week. I got a total of 34 items for free. Some of that free stuff I won’t even use (dog food, coffee creamer, etc.). I will give it to my parents or friend who will though.

Padded Envelope

10 ream box of printer paper

8 two litter Pepsi products


2 lbs tomatoes on the vine

6 cans of Camp. tomato soup ***FREE

2 boxes of GE Reveal lightbulbs ***FREE

Trial size Degree deodrant ***FREE

2 Lysol Neatra Air Fabric Mists

2 Coffee Mate creamers ***FREE

Single use Tide detergent ***FREE

2 Purina dog food single meals ***FREE

8 ct Mach 3 razor blades

Bayer Contour USB glucose reader ***FREE (normally $74.99)

3 NYC Nail polish ***FREE

2 NYC lip glosses ***FREE

1 NYC eyeliner ***FREE

Cole frozen Breadsticks

2 boxes of Ronzoni Spaghetti ***FREE

2 bags of Mahatma Valencia rice ***FREE

1 lb. Of carrots

3 Hunts tomato sauces

3 Hunts tomato petite dices

Cascadian Farms Granola Bars

Publix Peanut Butter

2 Yakisoba Teriyaki noodle meals ***FREE

2 jars of Barilla pasta sauce

1 bag of croutons

4 Green Giant Nibblet corn

4 Green Giant Green peas

4 Allen Green beans

3 Vicks cough drops ***FREE

2 boxes of Benedryl severe plus headache relief ***FREE

2 Simply Orange juices ***FREE

2 Smithfield Boston Butt Roasts (approximately 8 lbs each)

2 pkgs of Country style ribs (approximately 4 lbs each)

2 Hearty Camp. Soups

The items marked ***FREE are items that were free with my coupons. I pretty much had a coupon for everything with the exception of maybe 5 items.

Total $323.58

Total I actually spent: $69.68

78.5% savings!

Total items: 87 (or 97 if you want to count the paper as each pack instead of one box)

That’s less than $1 an item….and as you can see, some of these were big purchases!

  1. Wow. Mind telling me what state you live in or what store you shopped at? I find that many people who have great coupons (double/triple) lives in places nowhere near me. (We don’t have coupons like that here.) I find so many of the coupons for places around here completely useless!

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