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Stocking the freezer….

October 8, 2010

We made our trip to the store today to stock up on meat. Foodland has a really good sale going this week, so we just went there to get all we needed.

Chicken leg quarters-10 lbs for $5.50

Ground Chuck- 11 lbs for $18

Sirloin End Pork Chops- 6.3 lbs for $7.42

Half Boneless Ham- 4 lbs for $12

We walked out of the store with 31 lbs of meat for a little less than $47 (tax included). So when you average that out it comes to about a $1.52 per pound. That’s not too bad considering that most of the time Ground chuck is $3.00 (or more) a pound.

We split the meat into meal size servings, put it in gallon size freezer bags….and now we are set for quite a while. This is the best way to buy your meat. Wait until there is a good sale and stock up!


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