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Organizing Your Coupons 101

October 7, 2010

Two months ago when I first started couponing I wasn’t sure how much I would really save or if I would get tired of it after a couple weeks, so I bought a coupon organizer from the Dollar Tree. Needless to say, it fell apart a couple days ago and I decided it was time to invest in some organizing tools.

After having some free waffles (see previous post for coupons) at Waffle House this morning, we headed over to Target. I found the absolute cutest coupon organizer (black with pink trim) for $5.49! It has a magnetic close so I am pretty sure it will last longer than the one I had before. While there I decided to check out the larger expandable file folders….they had a matching one so I got it for $5.49 also.

The smaller one I will carry in my purse. The coupons I know I will use get cut out and put in this coupon organizer.

The larger file folder I will use to save EVERY insert (after I cut the coupons out that I know I will use). I labeled mine by the month and will write the exact date on the front of each cover. I have learned not to throw any coupons away because a lot of times you can score freebies of products you may not normally use. usually lists the coupon to use when there is a sale, along with which insert and date it can be found in.

This organizational method is the easiest and quickest so I definitely suggest it if you really want to save money and score lots of freebies!

Just a sidenote: some of the freebies may still be things you won’t use. But think about a friend or family member who might use this product. I get the free stuff no matter what it is, because I figure I can always donate it to a food bank or to a good cause (ex. When a natural disaster strikes…like the flood here in Nashville a few months ago).


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