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Tips for couponing

October 5, 2010


About two months ago I decided I wanted to try this couponing thing that I had heard so many of my friends talk about. So I started buying the Sunday paper, bought a new printer, and got busy clipping coupons. The first week I didn’t save all that much but it was enough for me to try a second…and then third week. I’ve been at this for nearly two months now and I’m starting to really see the benefits of it.

I learned pretty much everything just through trial and error and also However, it is confusing at first. Since so many of you have asked me questions about it, I thought I would write about my couponing experience and what I have learned so that you can learn too.

Here are a few tips that you need to know from the beginning. Although some of these most of you may already know, I guarantee there is someone out there who doesn’t know it. So if you’ve been couponing a while you might want to ignore this blog.

1. Learn the store policy via their website before going in.

          -Sometimes cashiers don’t even know their policy and if you are armed with  

            the information  they are less likely to turn a coupon away.

2. Take advantage of coupons when there is a sale.

       _ Unless you need an item right away, save the coupon. Wait until that item goes on sale 

         (there’s usually a 6 week rotation on sales).  This makes your savings even more and you can

         possibly buy more than one of the item.

3.  SAVE EVERY COUPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

       -This is so important. I want to bold it, underline it and make it  bright red! I only clipped the

         coupons I thought I would need and then I threw the insert away. Bad mistake.  There have

         been several opportunities I’ve missed for FREE stuff because of that. It wasn’t the brand I

        normally used, but to me some of that stuff is all the same. And if you don’t want to use that

        particular brand I am sure you will find some family or friend or even a food bank that will

        take a donated item.

4.  Find out what stores in your area double coupons.

          -Most Krogers, Publix, and some Ingle’s double coupons.

5.  When there are going to be good coupons in the paper, especially P&G, buy more than one


6.  Most stores will accept one store coupon and one manufacturer coupon.

7. If you see a good coupon online that you think you will use, PRINT IT! They only allow so

      many to be printed before they remove it.

8.  Set up a different email for coupon info.

      – Alot of websites require you to sign up in order to get their coupons. This is actually good,

         because then they will email you when additional coupons are available.  But it may also

         mean for several extra emails. I set up a different email address so that when I’m doing my

         couponing for the week I can just log onto that email address and every email in my inbox

         is something I want to at least scan for coupons!

9. Most of the time you can print two coupons online. You just need to exit the page after printing the first time and then go back to it.

10. Organize your list and coupons before going to the store.

       – I have a coupon organizer that I carry with me. But I also make a list of what I need at the store and put the coupon amount next to the item I’m purchasing. Then I pull all of my coupons and put them in the front of my organizer so all I have to do is pull them out when I get to the cashier. After I leave the store, I check my list and receipt to make sure that it really did take all the coupons off my total. (I thankfully caught it at Wal-mart the other day before I paid….my $3.00 coupon off deodrant scanned and then when I went to pay it was gone. I was using the self checkout so I had already dropped the coupon in the slot. I had to get a manager to come manually take it off.)

That’s my few tips and tricks for now. But I’ll definitely be writing more. If you are new to this and have questions feel free to ask. I’m seriously addicted and obsessed with it. I may need rehab soon for my addiction to saving money 😉


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  1. Shirley permalink

    I love you for your shares 🙂

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