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Saved 80% on Groceries this week!

October 5, 2010


So this has by far been my best week yet with the couponing. I feel like a kid at Christmas because I got a ton of stuff this week for really cheap or even free!

Here’s the list of what I bought this week:

8 pack of Bounty papertowels

12 double roll pack of Charmin

2 Tide Washing Powders

2 Gillette deodrants

2 Gillette Bodywashes

2 Edge Shaving gels (with 2 free Schick razors)

Pantene Conditioner

Pantene Shampoo

2 Nexus Shampoos

Crest Mouthwash

Crest toothpaste

4 boxes of Kleenexes

2 Oral B toothbrushes

2 ALL detergents

2 Kraft Mayos

5 packs of Kraft American cheese (paid about 14 cents per pack on these)


2 Diet Pepsis

2 Diet Mtn Dews

2 Toaster Strudels

Gallon of Milk

Wheat Bread

2 Smart balance Margerines (these were both FREE!)


2 Shouts

3 packs of Tums (25 cents per pack)

1 pack of Act II popcorn

2 boxes of Hawaiin punch mix

2 Reach floss’ (FREE)

The total of this stuff was $194. I actually paid $41 for all of it. So total savings of nearly 80%.  It definitely feels good to have saved this much. I really hadn’t planned to spend that much this week because we basically needed bread, milk, lettuce and some sodas (pantry and freezer are FULL from previous week sales) but some of the sales this week were so awesome that I couldn’t pass them up!!!


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